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Tour oficial Segway Barcelona


The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) i2 is our most versatile model. The i2 design allows easy use on various terrains thanks to our new LeanSteer™ system and the new wireless InfoKey™ controller. The perfect synthesis of form, function and fun, the i2 lets you glide through your daily commute or zip from errand to errand, in open or closed spaces, without having to worry about parking. The LeanSteer frame and handlebar tilt left or right, depending on the body's natural inclination, to take the direction the driver wants to move in, giving the feeling that the i2 anticipates your every move and adjusts to your slightest whims.

The wireless InfoKey controller constantly monitors data such as battery level, speed and distance, and includes a new security feature that will help protect your i2.

The i2 also equipped with Saphion ®lithium-ion batteries. These amazing long-life batteries allow trips up to 39kms on a single charge (depending on terrain, riding style and weight carried).

  i2 transporter

Lithium-ion batteries require little maintainance, are very durable and can operate with very low temperatures, as low as -10 ° C. The i2 is available, both LeanSteer frame and trim, in gloss white or anodized black. If you want a custom vehicle, Segway authorized dealers can offer a wide range of accessories.

Aswell as the additional security features which all Segway PT models have, the i2 has a number of standard features, such as the wireless InfoKey controller, which allows the driver to control the speed, distance covered and battery life, or the activation of the security alarm. The LeanSteer frame height adjust can be set for driver comfort. This also allows for the Segway PT to be stowed in the trunk of many cars.

The Segway ® Personal Transporter (PT) i2 is our most versatile, and is available with the handlebar in gloss white or anodized black.

Specifications, more information about the i2:

Velocidad máxima y capacidad de giro
SPEED Maximum speed and turning ability
With the InfoKey, you can determine the maximum speed in forward motion and during the rotation of your Segway PT. The two configurations are:
> Beginner Mode
Maximum speed: 9,6 km/h
Slower rotation speed
> Regular Mode
Maximum Speed: 12,5 mph 20 km/h
High rotation speed

Lithium-ion: 24-39 km on a single charge
In the i2 autonomy varies depending on the battery type, terrain, riding style and weight carried. In normal circulation conditions, it may be used for routes within the ranges indicated.


Lithium-ion: -10º a 50º C
When it is stored and loaded at ambient temperature, the i2 can operate in a variety of situations. Actual performance depends on battery temperature, terrain, riding style and weight carried.


The i2's large tires and height make it suitable for a wide variety of applications and terrains. The Segway PT inclination sensors, constantly controls the driver's position in relation to their centre of gravity. This allows the Segway PT to adapt to changes in terrain, while keeping the driver upright.

Total Capacity (Driver and load): 118 kg
Driver: 45-110 kg
The Segway PT can carry an adult weighing up to 110kg. Optional Segway transport accessories can be installed to achieve a total capacity of 118 Kg.

Platform height: 21 cm
Footprint: 48,3 x 63,5 cm
Ground clearance: 7,6 cm
The Segway PT is designed to occupy no more space than an average person. It is the width of the shoulders of a person and raises the driver 21 cms from the ground, giving you a clear view of the environment.



47 kg
Portability was one of the key design goals. For this reason, the Segway PT is built light enough to handle easily, small enough to keep in the trunk of a medium-sized sedan and collapsible so as to fit into tight spaces. The optional load-bearing structure may be used as a convenient handle for carrying and storing the vehicle.


One of the characteristics of pedestrians is that they can pivot without hitting objects or people that are around them, something few vehicles can achieve. Staying on a single axle, Segway PT users can.


Lithium-ion batteries

The i2 has Saphion lithium-ion batteries. They have been designed with integrated electronic components the automatically control the status and temperature of the battery. The batteries can be recharged using an outlet of between 90 and 260 volts and between 50 and 60 Hz AC (common in most countries). A full charging cycle takes between eight to hours, which at 10 cents per KW-h, is roughly the price of a newspaper. Due to the design of the Lithium-ion batteries they last approximately 1,000 complete charging/discharging cycles.


Supplementary electrical systems in case of failure.

Safety was our top priority when we conceived the design and operation of the device. To ensure the safety of Segway users and of those around them, we designed supplementary equilibrium and electrical systems in case of failure. If one of the systems functions works with a lesser capacity, the other is programmed to take over the functions. This allows the Segway to stay upright and stop safely.

When the mechanical structure of Segway PT was manufactures, the maximum safety standards were applied and each piece has been thoroughly tested and analysed to ensure compliance with these standards. Millions of fatigue and running tests were completed in the creation of the Segway PT.


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